Your under-eye skin is an important part of the face; so, looking good should have an option. Puffiness under the eyes can make you look exhausted and lower blood circulation. More so, puffy bags under eyes condition might be a sign of other medical conditions. There are tiny blood vessels under the eye that prevent flow of blood when they are inflammation. Several factors can trigger mild swelling when fluid builds up under the eyes.

Fluid retention under the eyes

Fluid accumulation can result in under-eyelid puffiness that changes your appearance.  Apart from inflammation, irritation and allergies can cause redness and eye puffiness. Then a visible dark circle around the eyes could appear. Usually, topical applications and cold compresses fade discoloration and reduce bags under eyes. Muscles and tissues around your eyelids could change shape and become swollen.

When eye fat moves into lower eyelids, it causes accumulation of fluids that puffs the eyelid. The fluids that cause undereye bags can spread to surrounding tissues. It’s common for women to mask the appearance of eye bags with makeup. More so, you can develop puffiness under the eyes by not having a sufficient amount of sleep. Wearing your contact lens in for a longer period can cause eye puffiness.

However, you can ease eye puffiness and inflammations by consuming the right diet. When you develop droopy eyes, a little patting instead of rubbing will prevent more side effects. Herbal spices, roots, fruits, and vegetables are everyday foods with skin benefits. Develop a diet plan to keep your overall skin health above deficiencies. Genetics is a factor that causes variation in the facial appearance of older people. However, it’s a factor that can’t be stopped, but the effects can be reduced.

Other causes of bags under eyes

oxins can attack skin cells and cause inflammation of tissues and blood vessels under the eye. Apart from infections caused by free radical agents; the blockage of blood and fluid naturally leads to bags under eyes. There are other causes like hormonal imbalance and stress. Sagging skin, smoking, specific medication, fluid retention, wearing of contact lens, insomnia, and excess consumption of sodium and alcohol are other factors. It’s not all swollen eye conditions that are severe. Seek medical attention when there are fluid discharge, redness, and itching during an experience of swollen eyelids.

How to Get Rid of the Puffy Bags Under Your Eyes

Change your sleeping position

Switch to sleeping on your back and not on-the-side position. More so, sleeping on your stomach increases the risk of gravitational movement of fluid to under the eyes. Your back sleeping position helps to achieve the required eight hours rest every night. It prevents blood from moving to one side of the face and cause puffiness.

Maintain the required daily intake of water and fluids

Water is a diuretic that flushes toxins and heavy metals from the body. Insufficiency of body fluid can cause dehydration, stress and high body temperature. There are no disadvantages of drinking plenty of water every day. More so excess sodium that triggers pesky eyes can be expelled by our daily water intake. Naturally, there are fiber and water-rich fruits and veggies that treat bags under the eyes.

Lemon, tomatoes, grapefruits, watermelon, pineapple, apples and cucumbers are some organic remedies. In the absence of fruits and veggies, we can consume flavored water and keep an infuser bottle beside us.

Place a pair of tea bags on your eyes

Green tea contains healthy doses of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that clear dark circles and reduce eye puffiness. After making a cup of caffeinated tea, don’t discard the tea bags. Place them in the refrigerator to chill for at least twenty minutes before leaving them on your eyelids. After about twenty minutes, the powerful nutrients reach the sub-layer of the epidermis. The nutrients increase blood flow and restore your facial appearance.

Usually, beauty enthusiasts use green tea bags to reduce baggy eyelids and fade unpleasant effects of aging.

A cold compress on inflamed tissues

Get a cooldown for your puffy eyelids by using a cold compress. To guide your application, get a cooling eye mask from the retail store. Keep two medium-sized slices of cucumber in the refrigerator for at least thirty minutes with the eye mask. Then, places the slices to fit and wear the cooling eye mask at bedtime. The cold compress massages thick fluids that have been retained in the space around your lower eyelids.

Maintain skin care regimens with retinol formula

Apply vitamin A-rich topical retinol cream to boost the production of collagen around the eye. Apart from eye puffiness, retinol topical applications are used for the treatment of pimples, psoriasis and other signs of aging. A retinol formula has specific ingredients that that work effectively. However, moms-to-be must avoid the use of retinol based gels because they contain unhealthy doses of vitamin A.

Use a pillow while you sleep

Generally, most people don’t fall asleep without cuddling a pillow. Having extra soft pillows below your head is a cost-effective way of reducing eye puffiness. To prevent fluid retention under the eyes; the head must be elevated while you sleep for hours.

Maintain healthy lifestyle practices

Cut down of excessive bingeing, smoking and over-exposure to radiations from sunlight. Switch to a healthy life practice that doesn’t dehydrate your eye tissues. There is a thin sebaceous gland under the eyes with a small number of natural oils. Smoking and excess alcohol cause the same effect with ultraviolet rays from sunlight. Wear hats and a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks these harmful rays. Also go easy on chemicals from cigarettes and harmful ingredients from alcohol that burns facial fats.


Naturally, the under-eye sebaceous gland secretes oil that moisturizes the skin and makes it supple. Many factors can cause the depletion of skin oil; so, there’s a need to massage, hydrate and prevent eye puffiness. People suffering from allergic reactions and other conditions that cause their under eyelids to puff often use over-the-counter solutions. These cream products are sold as serum-in-cream, vitamin C serums, and Retin-A topical remedies.