Things to look for in Women’s Compound Bows

Bowhunting and archery are the variety of sports that is becoming spread among women. Initially people considered these sports as men-centered. Most women prefer using the compound bows. Due to the expanding female market, many manufacturers are now coming up with products that are mainly used by women.

There has been an increase in the varieties of women compound bows which makes it difficult to make the right selection. It is the male compound bows that are largely produced. Many women have been disappointed by fact. The reason is that most women find them too gigantic and difficult to lift. The following is a guide on how women can get the right compound bow.

Finding the best compound bow is made much easier when you put your focus on the model that suits your body proportion. Aside from this, you need also to be aware of the technical issues about these machines. Bow length should be the first thing to consider when selecting one. This will largely contribute to comfort while using the bow. The longer varieties are known to be more accurate than the shorter types. However, women who are short in height should prefer the short bows for easy operation.
The next consideration is brace height. This will in a great way determine ones drawing seed and how difficult or easy it will be to hit the area of target. If the brace is high, you will easily control the bow but will not be able to shoot at a high speed. Short braces means slowed control and faster shooting.

You should look at the draw of length. Women’s compound bows should have short draw lengths since most of them are short in height. You only have to make sure that you can pull the arrow up to your throat at ease. Although most of them are designed in a way that allows one to adjust the draw length, you still need to find one that matches your measurements. This is because it will highly determine your level of accuracy and also speed.

The weight of the draw is another thing that should be put into thought. Women have less strength in their upper body making it important for their compound bows to have less draw weight. Since high draw weight is associated with high speed, starters should go for the low eight draws. You also need to look at how heavy the bow is. You need to choose a bow weight that you will be comfortable using or walking around with.

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