What Is The Purpose Of A Secondary Air Injection System?

People who owns a car usually find the concept that something that is really not necessary is installed to their car. This was made possible because of the number of inexperienced car mechanics present on the forums you will see in the internet that are supporting the idea that car tuners are more experienced and have more knowledge about cars than the actual car maker and environmental experts. The secondary air injection system of a car is often times the main focus of these so called amateur racers and inexperienced car tuners because of the confusion of its actual contribution on the performance of the car.

The engine of a car does not have an efficiency on the performance that is reaches a 100 percent, no matter what car marketing specialist will give you that idea. The engine of your car will never run on a 100 percent efficiency usually because during the combustion process that takes place in the primary air or the induction chamber inside the engine, there is a small amount of hydrocarbons or unburned fuel that will not be converted into engine power. What happens to these unburned fuel is that it will be flushed out of the car through the exhaust pipes like any other not needed compounds of the car. One of the elements that is measured in order to determine the level of emission on a car and at the same time is the key element of a car’s fuel that will create power, the burning of these hydrocarbons or unused fuel is very important in order to get the power that you need from your car engine. You will only be wasting these unburned fuel or hydrocarbons unless there is one person that will find a solution to get into the exhaust of the car where you will find these small amounts of valuable fossil fuel and inject them back into the engine of the car for it to have a chance to contribute to the overall performance of the car’s engine. If these hydrocarbons or unburned fuel will continue to got o waste, then they will only contribute to the pollution of the environment. You should know that burning a fuel is less harmful to the environment than fuel that is not burned, even if the fuel that is burned inside the engine does not contribute to the performance of the car’s engine.

Cleaning up the hydrocarbons or the unburned fuel on the engine of your car is the main purpose of the secondary air injection system. You should be aware that you will be needing pressurized air in order to burn fuel inside the engine of your car, but during the process of removing these fuel from the engine of your car, it will be surrounded by mainly gas. Those hydrocarbons or unburned fuel will be intercepted and burned by the help of an air injection smog pump that will help propel the air outside your car through the exhaust system.

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