Reasons To Hire A Professional Exterminator

The Black death also called the bubonic plague in Europe claimed a third of the population between 1340-1400 AD. It was in the middle ages and not any biological weapon. The plague was carried by fleas. The pest was existing all over the world. However the statistics from the ancient times should not scare you. They need to be taken the best reasons to stay prepared. Below are a few reasons why you need pests should not control your home.

First, you stay healthy. Pest bites can cause inconvenience. When pest bites your skin and you scratch the place, you are at a high risk of infection. However, there exists DIY options that can easily be performed. You can mix water and hazel in equal portions and add oils such as cedar or lavender and spray in areas that pest usually frequent.

Secondly, ticks can be dangerous to your pets as they carry diseases and can move from one host to another fast. Fleas act similar to ticks. You might not realize that you have a big problem until they are out of control. A mouse moving around in your house might seem harmless. However, mouse droppings have a virus that is airborne and can lead to respiratory illness known as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. It is uncommon like bubonic plague but is deadly is acquired.

In addition, you need to minimize damages that are caused by pests. Termites can cause a lot of damage to a home yet they are small little bugs. At the first glance; they appear harmless. Also, carpenter ants and powder post beetles can wreck houses. 1 and 5 houses are estimated to have structural damage that are pest related. Though termites don’t live for long and multiply fast and eat lots of wood. You might find yourself doing repairs worth $2-3000 by the time you start noticing the damages caused. Pests and rodents are also known to eat your food, chew cables and can damage also expensive electronic devices. For those who love gardening, pests can kill your vegetables and flowers in days.

Also, as they say, prevention is better than cure. Majority of homeowners don’t realize that it is a huge problem until they start renovating. The damage can be prevented by scheduling for regular inspection from a professional exterminator. Keep foods in a clean place and apply Pyrex on things that pests can chew through. You need to cut off the supply of water for pests as it acts as a breeding ground for them.You need to keep your house clean and tidy to reduce chances of pests moving in. You get to save more if you call in a professional exterminator.