Orthodontics, once uncomfortable, has long been reserved for children. Today, more and more adults decide to use orthodontics. Today, adult patients account for 20% of an orthodontic office’s business. The appearance of new materials, new techniques, make this discipline more comfortable and more compatible with the various requirements of the adult patient. In fact, invisible braces for adults are specially designed for people looking to change their appearance.

At what cost, though? Apart from the initial consultation, it should be noted that orthodontic treatment in adults is not covered by several insurance policies. However, there are options that people can look into that may help them cover the costs associated with this type of dental treatment. Who should be interested in Invisalign? Patients are referred to an Orthodontist by their general dentist for gum problems or to seek out replacement options for missing teeth. Orthodontic treatments tend to allow people to regain proper realignment of their teeth.

Some patients may come in spontaneously for a dental cosmetic problem. Some patients have dental arches that can be properly aligned without resorting to major surgery. Then there are those who need a displacement of the bony bases which, in the case of a large gap, requires surgery. The pre-surgical phase will be an orthodontic phase to prepare the patient’s dental arches for any subsequent jaw movement.

How is orthodontics able to provide such high-quality results? The movement of teeth or a group of teeth is possible at any age, provided that the bone and gum are capable of supporting the move. If the use of surgical equipment is unattractive to you, just know that there are devices that can help and are almost totally “invisible” (Invisalign technique).

The gutters (invisible trays) are made of transparent polycarbonate materials, thus practically invisible, which allows the patient to maintain their lifestyle during the treatment. Unlike conventional dental appliances, Invisalign gutters do not have metal wires or brackets that can irritate the mouth. Treatment can be started without changing the user’s habits or activities. Invisalign is removable, just remove the gutters for special occasions, brushing and flossing, or for meals.