People who want to know what conditions and diseases they are likely to encounter over their lifetimes can now get that information by having DNA testing by Pathway Genomic. Some people don’t want to know what the future holds for them, others want to know and be prepared. DNA testing can serve as a guide to getting better health. DNA test results are private. What each person does with their test results is up to them. Each person’s DNA makeup determines what type of diet will work for them, what skin care products may be best, what health problems to be prepared for, and much more.

How This DNA Testing Works

With Pathway Genomics, a person chooses the DNA report they want and orders a simple collection kit. When the kit arrives, the customer collects a DNA sample with a cheek swab and mails it back in a special prepaid postage envelope. Then, the company analyzes the sample to build the chosen genetic profile. Within six weeks the results are available to the customer.


One program combines the resources of IBM Watson with Pathway’s A.I. forebrain, and OME to combine genetic information, health records, and other datasets to design a unique plan of actions and recommendations for a person’s general health.

Fitness Plans

A person’s DNA makeup can determine which fitness plans will work best. That explains why so many fitness plans fail for the people using them. A fitness and diet plan designed after studying DNA results can be much easier to follow and lead to more success. These DNA based diets and health plans consider several factors:

  • Common food reactions and nutritional needs
  • How genetics affect weight loss and which diet forms will work best considering ratios of calories from carbs, fats, and proteins.
  • Which vitamins and other nutrients are needed and how to optimize them
  • How diet will affect cholesterol
  • Which exercises work best, ones for endurance, or ones for strength

A person’s DNA profile makes them and their health needs unique. Choosing plans that work with their unique makeup will lead to better health and more successful weight loss efforts. Go to the website for more useful information.