Great Ways to Help Build Quality Inbound Links for Your Vaping or E-Cig Website

You know that links are very important to your website’s ranking among search engines and if you have quality links Google will reward all your hard work. If other websites have links to your site, then it’s really magical because you receive quality inbound links and the more juice you’ll receive in search engine ranking. If you want quality inbound links, you need to be patient so you can harvest and experience the compound interest of your hard work. It is not impossible to rank on the first page of Google results as long as you do the proper keyword research and apply the best SEO strategy, and you’ll realize that links are what you need to complete your magic formula. So how do you get inbound quality links to your vaping or e-cig website?

One way to obtain legit and quality inbound quality links is through social media with the help of social bookmarking so you can post a link in your profile. This is because social bookmarking are links and everybody will see it like Google does. Through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube, more customers will see your e-cig website and you’ll get higher sales. Reddit, Instagram and even less famous sites like Stumbleupon and Vimeo can do wonders for your SEO and your traffic. Try checking the Smoko website and observe how they have buttons for all their social media sites. Guest posting involves helping other people’s websites by writing some contents, and in exchange, the website owner will link back to your vaping or e-cig website. The Chrome extension called ‘Check My Links’ can be used to visit relevant websites and it will allow you to check pages for broken links easily and automatically. Let the site owner or webmaster know that they have broken links, then you can give suggestions and ask them to link to your e-cig website. Link-trading is also another way to get inbound quality links by asking your friends to make some for you and in exchange you providing them quality contents as well.

Like what Angie’s List does, you can take advantage of online directories by creating a profile and these sites will list your blog in their directory. Buying quality links is also a good idea and ensure that your vet on the link building service before you send your money. If you have the cash to burn, then you can go for scholarships or sponsorships and in return get inbound quality links form educational and government websites. Asking for reviews is an important ingredient to have a successful e-cig website and business.