What to Do if You’re Injured at Work

If you are injured while in the course of your duties at your workplace, that is known as work-related injury. This also covers workers who are working offsite as long as they are in the line of work.An injury can be caused by an accidental fall and trauma due to unsafe working conditions, or just a mere accident. A worker should be compensated after sustaining injuries at work. They are also entitled to compensation for injuries resulting from repetitive motions.On the other hand, if you sustain injuries from a motor vehicle accident while on duty, you are still entitled to compensation. Below, is a how-to-guide on steps to take after injury at workplace.

First and foremost, if it important that you first seek medical attention. Nevertheless, you should follow a certain procedure when doing so.To start with, your employer has to be informed about the accident as quickly as possible. Immediately after the accident, ask your supervisor to inform the human resources department of the same. After doing this, you will be sent to a practitioner who is approved by the Workmen’s Compensation Board.

For workers who are covered by FECA, they are allowed to see a doctor of their choice.It is also advisable not to accept any help from your colleagues at work. You might get problems with your claim if you accept help from your colleagues. To get to the hospital, look for other means of getting there such as hiring a cab.

When you know your rights in the workplace, you will be at an advantage. It is sad that when workers sustain injuries at work, they do not know what to do next.First, they are entitled to claim for the illness or the injury either in the industrial courts or workers compensation court. Loss of income can also be claimed when a worker is unable to go back to work immediately.Similarly, if you sustain permanent disability whereby you can’t return to work permanently, this should also be claimed.

On the other hand, after seeing a doctor and getting healed, you have the right to go back to work. You have the right to go back to your previous position of work after treatment.If your employer stops you from going back to work, you can sue them for damages. All medical bills should be paid by the employer’s policy.

A claim form is required to be filled, dated and signed.This should to be posted to them or delivered, so that processing of payment begins.It is also advisable to claim for loss of income and things like ongoing therapy if any.However, all these claims have to be supported by medical documents signed by the doctor. Subsequently, a lawyer can help you claim for compensation in the event your employer does not have a workers policy.