Not only is staffs of a given entity , is the employer s responsibility, but according to many countries in the world regarding safety and precaution measures in workplace it is his responsibility plus all the equipment and asserts therein. In the recent days many online safety programs have come up to help the employer and the employees to bridge in the necessary safety training that needs to be given to them, this will ensure that the employer submits to the codes and ethics of doing business.

Any company relies heavily on its asserts and equipment and the staff operating in this firms, therefore they safety should be taken care of seriously not looking it only as a government initiative but also as a way of increasing and maintaining the company’s objective and maintaining the targets required in order for a firm to make profits. Among the online safety programs that one can train on is oilfield online training, this is very important to all employees whether they are employed on permanent contract or temporary contract. As an employer there are some important points to consider when undertaking any online safety program, first you should have a committee on safety, they should be responsible on training all new staffs whether they are permanent or temporally employed.

Government standards and regulation must be considered when looking for online safety training this is because what may be deeded ethical in some country it may be illegal in others it is also good to make sure that online safety program will be customized for all employees to make sure it suits well all employees depending on the job that one is assigned to perform.

Portability of the training material is highly enhanced on online safety training this is because just through the internet the instructor can demonstrate his training and at the convenience of the trainee he can easily follow what is being trained. Depending on ones schedule, one can easily plan when and where it is most convenient for him to undertake the online safety program, this will be convenient for him as he will do it at his convenient time. Costs incurred in other training say for example face to face training is quite an expensive bearing in mind there may be have travelling fee, food charges, and accommodation if the safety training was to take more than one day, but in online safety training all those costs are reduced to null. Online safety program has come as a change in the safety training sector in many firms thereby it’s quite enjoyed by most of its users.

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