Women have been trying to become whippet thin for decades and all of a sudden thin is not necessarily in. In fact, many women feel that their willowy bodies are not attractive because they lack the ample rear that has become an unexpected fashion trend. Women all over the planet are scouring sites like fashionandstylepolice.com to learn how to get the curves they want.

TV Has Started a Trend Toward Full Figures

The media has played a huge part in promoting the big bottom as an ideal. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who are naturally ultra curvy, began flaunting their non-traditional silhouettes and started a craze. This new style has been wonderful for those who once considered themselves unfashionably bottom heavy and thousands more are searching for ways to get “the look”.

Cosmetic Augmentation Has its Down Sides

Plastic surgeons have been offering buttock enhancement for a long time, but usually for woman who simply want to add a few curves. They typically choose procedures which leave them traditionally proportioned. Today cosmetic surgeons are getting requests from patients who want average-sized behinds enlarged to Kardashian size. Some opt for implants, while others choose fat injections. Either way they risk complications and uncomfortable recoveries. The procedures are also not cheap. A surgery can run thousands of dollars. Cosmetic augmentation is also long term, so a woman who changes her mind later either has to live with her figure or undergo an expensive and possibly painful reversal procedure.

A Simple Product May Offer Help

There are also products available to help increase buttock fullness. For instance, Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream contains 100% safe ingredients and has been around since 2007. It does not require any supplements, such as pills. There are no side effects, hormones, injections or downtime, either. In addition, an enhancement cream can be ordered online and discretely shipped to a home address.

Thanks to reality TV, thousands of women are trying to enhance their natural butts. Some have opted for cosmetic surgery, but many find the choice too expensive, disruptive and painful. They often choose safe, easy-to-use creams that increase fullness without side effects.