The Advantages Of Having A Singing Bowl It is a known fact that singing bowls are widely used by people all over the globe because they are very effective when it comes to relaxation, healing, and even meditation. Bells and singing bowls are very similar to each other, they can both produce melodious and calm sounds that can help people relax. Singing bowls originated from Tibet but is well-known all over the globe. Believe it or not, people in the past considered singing bowls sacred. Singing bowls were kept a secret from the world until in the 1950’s when Tibet was invaded by China. It’s so amazing to know that the traditional singing bowl can only be made by mixing 7 different types of metals. No wonder these bowls produce such a distinct sound that will create harmony between your mind and body. Once you place the ringing bowl on your body, you will instantly feel the vibrations it produces. It will only take the singing bowl seconds to help you achieve a state of complete relaxation. Believe it or not, singing bowls even have healing properties. If you are someone who is very stressed from work, this is something that you must have.
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Did you know that there are two methods on how a person can play a singing bowl? Striking the bowl with a mallet or rubbing it with a wooden stick are your two main options. If your singing bowl produces multiple different tones, this is a indication that it is working.
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Make sure you are lying flat on your back if you are using your singing bowl for a healing cellular massage. As soon as you are lying comfortably, the next step would be to place the ringing bowl on your chest. Just in case your singing bowl constantly slides down and you cannot balance it on your chest, all you have to do is place the bowl on a non-slip mat. Once everything is on place, you can finally relax and enjoy the full effect of your singing bowl. Once you ring the singing bowl on top your chest, you will not only hear the relaxing melody it produces, your body will also feel it’s sound waves. Singing bowls are very similar to guitars and violins, the only difference is that these bowls will use your chest as a large air chamber. Once the sound resonates inside your chest, your mind and body will be in a relaxed state. Once the sound disappears and you would still like to continue your cellular massage, simply strike the singing bowl once again. If you are flexible enough to use the singing bowl even if you place it on your back, this will also work. When you buy a singing bowl, you will always get your money’s worth.