Tech Accessories You Need for Your Laptop

Laptops are made for light and handy computer use, but that sure doesn’t come for free. There are many things out there that can fix the issue, giving you all the capabilities you want, but which ones are really worth getting? Clearly, each one should be judged on its own merits, but there are laptop accessories that you just can’t sanely do without.

External Hard Drives

At this time when computers are prone to various risks, from stray magnets to viruses and more, backing up is critical. If you just need to secure new files, you may need no more than a USB drive. Online services, such as Google Drive and DropBox, are an option for storing larger chunks of data. If you want all your files, preferences and settings saved, then you should go for an external hard drive. Most people want a basic, portable hard drive, but if you don’t plan on moving yours around, getting a bigger, heavier desktop external will save you some bucks.


If you’re a computer pro and you find that your machine is burning a hole through your lap, you can just take off the base and start cleaning the fan. Otherwise, it’s smart to buy a laptop fan. This will probably cost around $15 to $20, but you’ll rarely have to replace it, if at all. It’s one of those costs that are important, not simply for convenience’ sake but, more importantly, for safety. Fires stemming from burnt laptops aren’t exactly unheard of.

Reserve Batteries

Whether or not you should keep spare batteries is disputable. Apple laptops have built-in batteries, so an additional set is largely useless. However, if you need long hours of battery-based performance, then you surely should consider getting one. That will come in handy on extended flights or bus rides. When purchasing extra batteries, make sure they’re right for your laptop. Spending $80-100 on something that won’t fit can be extremely frustrating.


Touchpads are quite annoying, though they’re not hard to get accustomed to with time. If you’re seriously into gaming, you may already have a killer mouse. If you just really prefer a mouse, or your touchpad is poor quality or becoming insufferable, then go get a mouse.


Don’t you just hate how tiny and usually inaudible the sound coming from laptop speakers can be? They sure have improved a lot over time, but sometimes, they’re just not enough, especially when you’re trying to watch a video or a movie. In such a case, a pair of cheap speakers can make a world of difference. There will be lots of cute and frilly options out there, but don’t be tempted. Just get something that works for you, no matter how dull-looking.

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