Why Going Natural Is More Beneficial for Your Illness Rather Than OTC Medications

It has become very natural for a lot of people these days to be approaching their nearest pharmacy when they feel down with sniffle and cough. If you happen to be doing this yourself, then this is just fine. However, things may not go as planned if you keep on buying OTC medications and you are on a tight budget. One good example would be the effect buying OTC medications has on the budget that you have set aside for food that you will be consuming for the week. Moreover, there are some major consequences that can be felt by you with the side effects of certain OTC medications. Now, if you opt to treat any minor illnesses of yours with natural remedies that you can find in your cupboards, you will be surprised at how safe and cheap these alternatives can be. It will be wiser if you are able to save up your money only for medical emergencies that will be financially draining on your part. Below are some minor illnesses that you can successfully get rid of with the help of their corresponding natural remedies.

Coughs: It is during winter time that the most common type of colds usually take place. If you are working or are attending school, then you know that having common colds usually results in absences. If you still attend class or report for work with the common colds, then you are usually blamed for when it suddenly spreads from one person to another. Nonetheless, there is one natural remedy that works well during the winter when you get the common colds. If you get the feeling that you will be getting a common cold, then it is advisable that you gargle water with salt and also to consume a clove of garlic that is raw. Several research studies have shown that consuming juice with fresh garlic has been proven to bring about antimicrobial properties to ward off all sorts of bacteria. If you talk about consuming this kind of juice, though a lot of people may find such an experience intolerable, it will actually save you all the trouble from getting colds.

Drinking thyme tea may be needed anyhow if you already have the colds inside you because it relieves sore throat and congestion. What needs to be done is to pour inside of your hot water cup a teaspoon of dried thyme for more or less ten minutes. For your phlegm to be loosened, it is a must that you are able to drink this dried thyme drink at least three times per day.

Bowels: The human body is unique wherein if you take in some food that is not good for you, it will be able to tell you. If you are currently feeling constipated, it would be best to drink a cup of drink that is filled with half a cup of olive oil in addition to half a cup of orange juice. Drinking herbal teas that contain either peppermint or chamomile is the most effective natural remedy when it comes to soothing symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome cases.